2012 Jail n Bail

Southern Connecticut State University

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

9 am - 3 pm

Dignitaries from campus will serve as Judges with the ability to raise the fee based on poor dress, messy hair, poor attitude, etc. There will be food, mug shots and t-shirts provided for all members of the SCSU community that have been placed under arrest.

To purchase an arrest warrant, visit the table that will be set up in the SCSU student center, Conn Hall and Engelman in April or visit the Jail 'n Bail and purchase a warrant on site!



Trying to bail someone out? 

Search for the persons name on the right hand side of this page. Once you find them, make a donation to their page and their bail will be posted!


Trying to make a general donation?

On the top right hand side of this page, click on the green "Click here to donate directly" button. Your donation is greatly appreciated and will help to make us successful!